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Platinum SX 32:1
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Platinum SX 32:1

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Platinum SX 32:1

Platinum SX 32:1 100% Racing Synthetic is the ultimate two-cycle pre-mix engine lubricant, formulated specifically for use in modern two-cycle moto-cross racing motorcycles equipped with exhaust power valves requiring a 32:1 pre-mixed fuel-to-oil mixture. SX Platinum provides virtually smokeless operation and residue-free engine cleanliness. Meets all known motorcycle manufacturers’ warranty requirements and recommendations and exceeds JASO FD, ISO-EGD + and API TC.

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Product Code: O.SPSX321
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Reviews / Comments
"We recommend and use Spectro in our race bikes....Have tried others but, have found Spectro SX32:1 full synthetic to be the cleanest and finest lubrication for any of our race prepped high horsepower 2-strokes.. The 4-stroke oil has also been unsurpassed in its lubrication qualities....It will remain stable under the extreme heat of todays modern motocross machines."
Jul 18 2016, 18:44 PMby RACEPRO USA

"Having used many high quality 2 and 4-stroke oils for our racing and testing we have found Spectro Platinum SX 32-1 to be the highest quality for protection and cleanliness....We use Spectro Oils exclusivley in all our MX racing applications....The best! JC RACEPRO USA Inc."
Jul 02 2011, 11:04 AMby RACEPRO USA INC.

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