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Golden Motorcycle Gear Lubricant
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Golden Motorcycle Gear Lubricant

Product Information

Golden Motorcycle Gear Lubricant

This shear-stable petroleum transmission case lubricant is specially designed to withstand the punishment of second and third gear starts, so you can count on exceptional clutch engagement and temperature stability. Recommended for all modern 2-cycle moto-cross gear/clutch cases where SAE 10w30 or SAE 10w40 SE/SF/SG or 80w lubricants are recommended. Eliminates clutch “drag” and “slipping,” and meets all known motorcycle manufacturers’ warranty requirements. Not to be used for an engine lubricant.

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Price: $12.09

Product Code: L.GSCGL80
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Reviews / Comments
Fixed Barnette scorpian clutch drag
"Fitted Barnette Scorpian clutch to an 04 HD Sportster, no amount of adjustment or tinkering fixed the severe clutch drag. Swapped out HD SE Formula+ with type F ATF after cleaning clutch plates, dragging was reduced but didn't go away completely, additionally many little metal filings appeared on the primary plug magnet. Drained out ATF and put in Golden spectro gear oil, back to severe clutch drag. Turns out the petroleum based oil didn't like mixing with Synthetic Transmission fluid. Flushed the ATF/Golden spectro mix and put in a fresh quart of Spectro. Perfect! Clutch drag is now within acceptable limits (can find neutral again!) and no more filings! "
Nov 27 2010, 00:04 AMby arr2036

great fluids
"Spectro has a nice actually great transmission oil/wet clutch oil I would recommend this to riders."
Jul 29 2009, 21:58 PMby justin zueki

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