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Privacy Policy

This is SpectroShop online Privacy Policy (“Policy”). This "Policy" applies only to activities SpectroShop engages in on its website and does not apply to SpectroShop activities that are “offline” or unrelated to the website. SpectroShop collects certain anonymous data regarding the usage of the website. This information does not personally identify users, by itself or in combination with other information, and is gathered to improve the performance of the website. The anonymous data collected by the SpectroShop website can include information such as the type of browser you are using, browsing patterns, originating web pages, number of visits to SpectroShop, items viewed, pages viewed, and the length of the visit to the website. You may also be asked to provide personally identifiable information to the  website, which may include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. In addition, if a purchase is made, we collect credit card information, billing and shipping address, customer information and prior purchases. This information can be gathered when feedback or e-mails are sent to SpectroShop when you purchase via the website. In all such cases you have the option of providing us with personally identifiable information. You may always choose not to provide the requested information, but you then may not be able to participate in the particular activity that requires such information. If you do provide us with your personally identifiable information, you agree that we may contact you to provide you with information we believe may be of interest to you.


We use cookies to track certain browsing patterns on the website. Cookies are small bits of data cached in a user’s browser. SpectroShop utilizes cookies to personalize your experience on , assist you in using  SpectroShop and allow us to compile site usage statistics to better improve our goods, services and products. Cookies may also be used to conduct marketing and promotional efforts, tailor advertisements to your browser, or determine the popularity of our content. The cookies collect certain identifying information, including customer identifiers generated by us, as well as a visitor ID that will, in certain circumstances, be matched with personally identifiable information. However, no other user information is gathered by cookies.

SpectroShop may use non-personal “aggregated data” to enhance the operation of our website, or analyze interest in the areas of our website. Moreover, we may in some circumstances disclose personally identifiable information to third parties to enhance your experience on our website. Additionally, if you provide SpectroShop with content for publishing or feedback, we may publish your user name or other identifying data. SpectroShop may also disclose personally identifiable information in order to respond to a subpoena, court order or other such request. SpectroShop may also provide such personally identifiable information in response to a law enforcement agency’s request or as otherwise required by law. Your personally identifiable information may be provide to a party if  SpectroShop files for bankruptcy, or there is a transfer of the assets or ownership of SpectroShop in connection with proposed or consummated corporate reorganizations, such as mergers or acquisitions.


SpectroShop takes appropriate steps to ensure data privacy and security including through various hardware and software methodologies. Your transaction is processed on a secure site. However,  SpectroShop cannot guarantee the security of any other information that is disclosed online.

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